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2K HS Clear Coats

Hardeners for HS Clears & UHS Primers

BARCOAT: Quick Drying Isolator

GRAVITEX PLUS: HS Stone Chip Protector



ISOPON P38: Super Body Filler


RAPTOR™: Bed Liner


ISOPON P40®: Glass Fibre Repair Paste


CUSTOM CAN™ COLOUR CENTRE: Semi-Industrial Multi-Aerosol Filling Machine


TIGER SEAL™: PU Adhesive & Sealant


GREY STRIPE™: Brushable Seam Sealer


PLAST X® Adhesive Kit

PLAST X®: Plastic Bumper & Trim Top Coat Aerosol Paint

PLAST X® 6: Smooth High Adhesion Body Filler for Plastics

S2081: Brilliant Clear Coat (2:1)


Features & Benefits


Excellent clear coat to reproduce manufacturer's original finish.High gloss finish ideal for most repairs. Use with S2030, S2031, S2032 and S2033 hardeners.



-High gloss finish ideal for complete resprays.

- Produces an excellent durable U.V. resistant coating.

- Outstanding results using easy 2-coat spray application.

- Latest technology to reproduce manufacturers finish.

- Easy-to-polish once cured.

- Excellent performance combined with ease of use.


Code              Size/Pack        Colour          Ctn       

S2081/1           1L tin               Clear              6

S2081/5            5L tin              Clear              2

S2032: Standard Hardener




Features & Benefits


Ideal for larger repair areas.Use with System 20 HS & SR clears, UHS primers & HS solid colours.


Code              Size/Pack        Colour          Ctn       

S2032/1           1L tin               Clear              6

S2032/25      2.5L tin              Clear              4

Features & Benefits


Single pack quick drying isolator.Prevents lifting and bleeding of existing paint film sensitive to solvent attack.Supplied ready for use and can be over-coated with a suitable primer in 1 hour.


Code              Size/Pack        Colour          Ctn       

Bar/1              1L tin                Yellow            6


GRAVITEX PLUS®: HS Stone Chip Protector



Features & Benefits


Fast and effective coating to reproduce original stone-chip protection.Ready for use with standard schutz gun or gravity fed spray gun for flatter finish.Reproduce smooth, light or even heavy effect with the one product.Fast drying high solids alkyd formula that can be over painted rapidly.



Code                    Size/Pack        Colour          Ctn       

GRA/BW           11L bottle          White            12

GRA/GG            11L bottle           Grey             12

GRA/NB            11L bottle          Black             12

GTEX/B25         25L drum           Black              1

GTEX/G25        25L drum            Grey               1


ISOPON P38®: Super Body Filler


Features & Benefits


Polyester body filler with good filling properties.Smooth spreading and pinhole free.Ideal for larger repairs.


Code                    Size/Pack                     Colour          Ctn       

P38/2                      1.2L tin                       Cream             8

P38/4                    2.25L tin                       Cream             4

P38/5              Lightweight 3L tin        Light grey         4

P38/7              Lightweight 4.5L tin     Light grey         2

P38/BL               1L filler bag                    Cream             6

P38/BM                600ml filler bag          Cream            10

P38/L                        3.5L tin                      Cream              2

U-POL's top-class super-tough durable 2-pack urethane coating against rust, corrosion, salt, damp and extreme temperatures.Restores even the most worn and uneven truck beds or van floor to new pristine-look finish.Dries rapidly to give scratch and stain-proof surface that is also U.V. resistant.High adhesion, waterproof, flexible, helps deaden sound & vibrations.Easy and quick to use, as simple as: FILL - SHAKE - SHOOT®


Features & Benefits


Kits contain 4 x 750ml bottles of base and 1 x 1L of hardener.Enough material to re-spray the largest truck beds.Apply with schutz gun, roller or brush to obtain different textures.


Code                    Size/Pack                     Colour          Ctn       

RLB/S4                    4L kit                           Black              1 

RLB/1                 750ml bottle                  Black              6

RLT/1                 750ml bottle               Tintable            6

RLT/S4                     4L kit                       Tintable            1

Features & Benefits


Strong polyester bridging compound.Ideal for bridging holes and is water resistant when cured.


Code                    Size/Pack                     Colour          Ctn       

P40/1                   600ml tin                      Yellow             6

P40/2                      1L tin                          Yellow             8     

P40/4                     1.85L tin                      Yellow            4 

Features & Benefits


Super fast, accurate and safe filling of Custom Can aerosols.Ideal for small-to-medium sized runs (from 25 to 1,500 aerosols a day).Re-usable and removable filling hopper also serves as convenient storage container. Patent applied.Variety of bases to allow for different viscosities.Pneumatic operation - runs off standard compressor.Easy fit spares available.



Features & Benefits


Seal around windows, doors, and lights


Completely and permanently seals seams

Moisture displacing - can be used in wet environments

Immediately paintable! Can be tooled and painted when wet, increasing productivity!

Permanently flexible - will not shrink

Bonds to almost any surface, including: steel, aluminum, fiberglass, most plastics, brass, iron, glass, ceramics and wood.


Features & Benefits


Flexible brushable seam sealer for over coating of weld joints.Non string formula is clean, quick and easy to apply.Use in luggage and engine compartments to re-create the original finish.One coat application that dries fast and can be over painted with most paints.

Features & Benefits


Complete kit for the repair of plastic components.Effective for both rigid (PLAS/B) and semi rigid (PLAS/A) plastics.Includes 2 x 50ml 2K PU adhesives, 400ml cleaner, 400ml adhesion promoter.Also includes tips, contouring & reinforcing films & an applicator gun for 50ml cartridges.

Features & Benefits


PLAS/1 - Strong effective plastic cleaner

PLAS/2 - Powerful adhesion promoter

PLAS/3 - Primer filler for plastic components

PLAS/3HB - High build primer, apply directly to plastics and other difficult surfaces

PLAS/4F - Fine texture coating

PLAS/4C - Coarse texture coating

PLAS/5 - Plastic bumper and trim top coat paints, nine colours available.

PLASPTKT - Kit containing cleaner, adhesion promoter, primer, textures and 4 most popular colours

PLASCOKT - Kit containing all nine PLAS/5 colours


Nine colours specially formulated for use on suitably primed plastic components.Excellent coverage and fast drying.Provides a durable semi-matt flexible coating.

Features & Benefits


Ideal for flexible substrates such as bumpers, SMC & most plastics.Pinhole free polyester filler that is fast drying and easy sanding.Fills scratches and scuffs or can be used to finish a repaired area.


PLAST X® 6: Smooth High Adhesion Body Filler for Plastics

Features & Benefits


Contouring film (PLASCFLM), reinforcing film (PLASRFLM), dispensing guns (PLAS/GUN) and mixer tips (PLAS/TIP) for use with adhesives and sealants.

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