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ER 1324P Vane Pump

ER 1324P (Vane Type) pump is a middle pressurized and has a 2" diameter of inlet/outlet dimensions and 90 degree inlet and outlet connections. Inner mechanism consists of cast iron, aluminium and polyamide parts. All the dynamics seals/gaskets are used to materials made of FKM in order to give reliable performance in the high petroleum products




While vane pumps can handle moderate viscosity liquids, they excel at handling low viscosity liquids such as LP gas (Propane), ammonia, solvents, alcohol, fuel oils, gasoline and refrigeratants. Vane pumps have no internal metal to metal to metal contact and self conpensate for wear, enabling them to maintain teak performance on these non- lubricating liquids.

 Electrical Fuel Transfer Pump

(With/Without Flame Proof Motor)

Transfer sets for all type of transfers, safe & easy use & faultless metering & high flow rate and pressurised 


-  ER 72 M E3014 fuel meter 

-  ER 1114Y / ER 1214D fuel pump 

-  380 v / 7.5 kw / 50 Hz electric engine 

-  contactor switch 

-  10 mt electric cable 

-  ER 41-02 filter 


Capacity : 


Capacity :540 lt/min. (maximum) (with ER 1114Y pump) - 450 lt/min. (maximum) (with ER 1214D pump) 

Optional; Electronical numbering, Solenoid valve (electronical models), ER 41-01 line filters, Direct Coupled engine, Ex-proof engine, Ex-proof contactor swicth, Easy Connecting with coupling 

ER 1114 TS - Fuel Transfer Pump

Transfer Pump when electricity is not available.


-  Diesel engine with mono cylinder 

-  ER 1114Y / ER 1214D fuel pump 

-  ER 41-02 line filter 

-  Corded operation 

-  Placement on chasis 


Capacity : 520 lt/min. (maximum) - 430 lt/min. (maximum) 

Optional; power starter, meter and numbering, Electro-static powder coated cabin, hose reel and nozzle, wheel for speedy transportaion 

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