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Fuel Control Nozzle - Manual 

Rotary Booster Pump 3:1

Industrial Rotary

Fuel Pumps 

Electric Oil Pump

Low Profile Truck Drain

Model: FCN


For use with Electric Fuel Pumps & gravity feed applications

All Metal Construction with the Body, Discharge Spout, Trigger & Guard made from Aluminium

Hose Swivel at Inlet for increased maneuverability & convenience in use

Manual control. Also includes continuous flow switch for unattended dispensing

Designed for minimal back pressure & reduction in flow

6-5/16” (160 mm) long Spout

For use with Diesel, Kerosene & Petrol

Aluminum, Steel, Nylon, Nitrile Rubber

Fuel Nozzles can also be custom manufactured with curved Discharge Spout 

Model: RB3


Geared Rotary barrel pump with 3 times discharge per rotation. For every complete handle turn, the rotor turns 3 times

Ideal for use where volume fuel dispensing is needed, such as construction sites, workshop, aviation, farms / ranches, boat etc.

Die Cast Aluminum construction with sintered gear driven die cast zinc rotor & vanes

Discharge through 1.8 m of delivery hose with metal nozzle

Complete with a 3 pc threaded suction tube for use on 15 gallons (50 litre) – 55 gallons (205 litre) barrels

Aluminum, Zinc, Steel, NBR & PVC Nitrile

Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene &
Lubricating Oils up to SAE 30

With Corrosive liquids, solvents, acids, alkalis etc. 

Model: RBP-3V


Industry Standard for Rotary pumps, these are by far the heaviest duty pumps, ideal for tough outdoor use in extreme weather conditions 

Deliver media with a head / lift upto 20’ 

Solid cast iron construction, fully CNC machined to close tolerances 

Pump Handle rotates a high quality sintered powder metal 3 vane rotor inside a highly finished pumping chamber 

Graphite Vanes are self lubricating & non wearing 

High quality graphite seal allows the pump to be used with a wide variety of fluids including Diesel with upto 15% Ethanol blend 

Self Priming operation with discharge up to 38 LPM (10 GPM) 

Supplied complete with 2” Bung, Telescopic Suction Tube with Strainer for use with 15 gallons
(50 litre) – 55 gallons (205 litre) barrels 

Also available - Pump with Mechanical Fuel Meter 

Cast Iron, Steel, Graphite, Paper, Polypropylene 

With Water Based Media

Model: OPM-220


Heavy Duty Oil pump designed specifically to transfer bulk oils, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze or antifreeze mixes

Non corroding Aluminum Die cast pump body

A high horsepower to flow ratio assures adequate power to pump viscous fluids at low temperatures

Sintered Powder Metal Gears

Self priming, positive displacement design

Pump has an internal bypass valve to bypass flow, if the discharge pressure exceeds the bypass valve setting

Built-In 2” Bung Adaptor for mounting on drums/ tanks

Air Cooled Motor with Thermal Protection

Can be used to transfer used oil with a screen fitted onto the Suction Tube

UL listed frame & motor components

Aluminum, Steel, Cast Iron, Nylon, NBR, Zinc, Polypropylene, PVC

Oils, Synthetic Oils, Antifreeze, Used Oil, Hydraulic Fluids, Cutting Oils, Oil based Herbicides, Non Flammable Oil Based Solvents, Liquid Soap etc.

Model: TD-68P

Low profile truck oil drain with manual rotary pump


Designed for use with Heavy-Duty Trucks , Buses, RV’s & other low profile automobiles 

Rugged steel construction makes it ideal for use in heavy duty repair shops 

With a 7-1/2” (190 mm) ground clearance, this drain fits under most automobiles 

Drain capacity 18 gallons (68 Litres) 

Available in a choice of Gravity version or fitted with Manual Rotary pump for pumping out used oil

Drum Dolly

Model: BDL/140S

Extra Heavy Duty Drum Dolly for conveniently moving 55 gallon ( 205 litre) drums in shop floors & rough workshop environment

Heavy 3 mm (11 gauge) steel sheet construction

Design incorporates wide steel cross bases for full base support

Firmly welded 4 heavy duty castors

Overall Height
6.1/2” (165 mm)

Powder coated finish

Holds drums of diameter 23” (584 mm) 

Oil Drain Pans

Model: ODP/16

High Density Polyethylene Construction

Chemical / Solvent Resistant

Design to ship in nested form

Approximate size
23.22” x 18.43” x 5.78” 
(590 mm x 468 mm x 147 mm)

Waste Oil Drain Pressurized

Model: WOD/68

Oil Drain with wheel mounted tank for gravity draining of motor, engine, gearbox & differential oils, transmission & power steering fluids etc. from all types of motor vehicles placed on auto lift or a pit Centrally mounted 10 Litres capacity bowl is height adjustable & can be optimally positioned allowing oil draining as well as other maintenance operations Durable all-steel design and reinforced castors; the unit provides a safe & affordable option for draining, transferring & evacuating used oil 

Designed for excellent mobility, easy bowl positioning & simple to use pressurized evacuation 

Comes complete with a 14" (355 mm) telescopic bowl that can be adjusted from 45" (1143 mm) to 72" (1828 mm) 

68 Litre tank includes a preset air regulator that allows the use of standard compressed air upto 150 PSI (10 BAR) 

Tank includes a safety valve and a reinforced dispensing hose that doubles as a sight gauge to prevent overfilling 

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