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Bleeding Equipment




(With 2 Chambers)


The simplified air-operated two-chamber or three chamber, brake bleeding device is suitable for bleeding the hydraulic brakes and clutches of all motor vehicles. Bleeding can be  carried out in a few minutes by just one person. The brakebleeding device is equipped with an elastic inner membrane which hermetically separates the oil from the air, thus  avoiding the risk of emulsion.


It is also suitable for systems with braking control and ABS (max. at 1 bar).



Pressure Sprayers

Part No: 22024


(Painted Carbon Steel)


Devices for the non-toxic spraying of low viscosity detergent liquids, such as lubrication oils and similar. Suitable for washing motor vehicles,  graphiting, lubricating, delivering dismantling oils, etc. Filled to 3/4 their capacity with the 

required liquid and pressurised  with air at 6 - 8 bar, they work independently without requiring  continuous connection to the compressed air line.


Caution: Do not use with flammable or corrosive liquids


Washing Tank

Part No: 70365


Universal washing tank for quick washing of mechanical parts and components in general. 

The low-pressure pneumatic system enables:

- continuous liquid detergent flow with brush for thorough washing

- washing by dipping, with the parts dipped in the liquid detergent in the tank.


Important: do not use corrosive liquids with flashpoint below 55°C, that can give off toxic 

and harmful fumes. Use specific chemical products for washing mechanical parts, according to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer


Portable Tyre Inflator

Part No: 52013


Type-approved tyre inflator for checking and restoring the pressure of any type of tyre. 13 litres tank is available with standard or automatic charger, whereas 24 litres tank is available 

only with standard charger. Tyre pressure checking and inflation operations are carried out with the gun equipped with pressure gauge ø 60 mm with scale 0 - 10 bar.


Note: type-approved for public use

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