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Palm Sander

Plastic Blowgun

Air and Water Gun

Water Dispenser

Part number      Free speed             Pad size         Dia. orbit      Ave air consumption

      APT768              10,000RPM               150mm                 5mm                        6.7cfm



- Precision air motor with extreme high torque

- Central vacuum model with universal attachment

- Speed regulator and insulated handle

- Rear exhaust

    Part number                   Grip                     Nozzle


            BG5002                      Pistol                    Conical


- Ergonomically designed handle, for comfort in use

- Valve allows trigger-adjustable airflow

- Supplied in blister pack

    Part number              Description


       AWG01                      Air and Water gun      


- Alloy construction for strength

- Can be fitted wherever there is a supply of water

- Water atomised by air pressure

- Air consumption 130l/min

   Part number                   Description


       RF102                          Water dispenser (radiator filer)      


- Sturdy all metal design

- Lever model gives instant flow and cut-off

- Complete with 1/2" bore hose tailpiece

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